Annette Jael Lehmann | Black Mountain – Models of Creativity
Annette Jael Lehmann | Professor for Visual Culture at Freie Universität Berlin
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Black Mountain – Models of Creativity

Black Mountain – Models of Creativity is the first symposium to be held as part of a three–year‐long collaboration between the Freie Universität Berlin and the Nationalgalerie Hamburger Bahnhof‐Museum für Gegenwart Berlin, on the occasion of the museum’s exhibition on Black Mountain College in 2015. The conference brings together a group of distinguished scholars to discuss the category of “quality” in art, science and education, as well as the dynamics of “quality” in society, with regards to models of creativity unfolded at Black Mountain College. During this three‐year collaboration, scholars, curators, students, critics, activists, and citizens will engage with and offer perspectives on many questions: to what degree do models of creativity travel? In what ways are they necessarily grounded in community‐specific production and dissemination of knowledge? How can theorists, scholars, and cultural practitioners engage in conversations about standards of quality in art, research and education?


Black Mountain College, as a liberal arts school with a distinct educational philosophy, grew out of the progressive education movement. In its day, it was a unique educational experiment for artists, designers, scientists and writers, and as such, an important incubator for the creative avant‐garde. Black Mountain proved to be an important precursor to and prototype for many models of creativity and collaboration today, by emphasizing the importance of overarching concepts and practices to solve global problems such as homelessness, hunger or environmental disasters. The purpose of the college was to educate the whole person, with a focus on the role of the arts and creative thinking in every profession.


The cooperation between the Dahlem Humanities Center and the Nationalgalerie Hamburger Bahnhof‐Museum für Gegenwart Berlin is dedicated to showing, exploring and researching the legacy of one of the world’s most acclaimed educational communities. The two institutions will collaborate to present a fascinating collection of art objects and materials, as well as to host an extraordinary variety of academic conferences, lectures and publications.


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