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Urban Art Berlin, Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann
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Urban Art Berlin

Urban Art Berlin is a blog about contemporary art in public spaces, focussing on performative and theatrical art forms and beyond, mostly outside of conventional and well established art institutions of theaters, museums or gallery spaces in Berlin. The blog features statements, reviews, interviews, interventions and other finds by students and faculty of the Freie Universität as well as a critical audience to promote the reflection of art, visual culture, theater and dance in city-environments such as Berlin.

With: Arne Düsterhöft, Hsieh, Chieh-Ting, Tine Voss Ilum, Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann and Martin Wohlrap.








Tagesspiegel, urbanartberlin ‚Die Stadt mit anderen Augen sehen‘, September 2013

Graffiti by artist Blu